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FHA mortgage programs have increased their market-share 45% since 2005. FHA mortgage rates have declined each of the past four years with record lows being reported at 3.875% (4.02% APR) on a FHA mortgage with a fixed interest rate. We are a HUD approved FHA mortgage lender that specializes solely of FHA home mortgage products. FHA mortgages have been helping millions of Americans become homeowners over the last seven decades. Whether you are a consumer with low credit scores or an underwater homeowner seeking refinancing, the Federal Housing Administration has solutions to meet the growing needs of borrowers in all 50 states. The FHA does not make loans but they do insure home mortgages. That is why you it is important to work with a FHA mortgage lender like us.

Refinance with a FHA Mortgage If It Helps You Achieve a Lower Monthly Loan Payment!

According to the Lead Planet, FHA mortgage loans have become the most sought after mortgage lead by loan companies nationally. The San Diego mortgage marketing company said, "Consumers like FHA because of the low down-payments and flexible FHA loan requirements for refinancing." Many people love the Federal Housing Administration because they still approve a FHA mortgage with bad credit in some instances.

FHA has helped millions of homeowners' fight of foreclosure with FHA Secure, Hope for Homeowners and their new FHA refinance programs that offer the choice between a loan modification and a fixed rate FHA mortgage refinance. FHA mortgage limits vary by county so check availability of FHA limits in your region.


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Disclosures: 3.875% (4.02% APR) on a fixed 30-year FHA mortgage with a $200,000 loan amount has a payment of $940.47 as of 5-12-13. Call for current pricing.

FHA mortgage rates displayed are subject to change available loan information can provided by the mortgage lenders directly after application is submitted for further underwriting review. The FHA Mortgage Refinance Loan Company is not directly affiliated with any government agency. We provide an online marketplace for consumers searching for FHA loans and HUD resources. We are affiliated with HUD approved FHA mortgage lenders. If you would like to contact HUD directly please visit their website online.