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FHA Rates

Are FHA Rates Going to Rise?
FHA Rates
FHA Mortgage Rates Ensure Affordability!

The government stimulus program invested billions in an effort to keep FHA rates low and affordable for American consumers. Like traditional loan programs, FHA interest rates are affected by the stock market, the economy and the Federal Reserve.

FHA Interest Rates Remain Near Record Low for Fixed Rate Government Insured Home Loans

In 2013 the Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke renewed his commitment to low FHA rates in an effort to spur the housing recovery across the nation. The record low FHA mortgage rates have helped many Americans avoid foreclosure by encouraging lower monthly payments via refinancing.

FHA mortgage rates are unique because they do not vary from program to program. For example, the FHA rate for the streamline is the same as the FHA loan for first time home buyers. The 30-year FHA rates continue to be available for qualified applicants below 5%. Based on economic indication we believe FHA rates will likely rise in 2014 and 2015 in a response to the rising inflation globally. Locking into a FHA mortgage loan today is highly recommended.


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FHA mortgage rates displayed are subject to change available loan information can provided by the mortgage lenders directly after application is submitted for further underwriting review. The FHA Mortgage Refinance Loan Company is not directly affiliated with any government agency. We provide an online marketplace for consumers searching for FHA-insured loans and HUD resources. We are affiliated with HUD approved FHA lenders. FHA interest rates fluctuate and are subject to change without notice.