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FHA Streamline

Streamline Refinance your FHA loan to a Lower Payment

Helpful Resources for FHA Streamlining
HUD Explains FHA Streamline requirements

FHA streamline offers ensures borrowers the lowest possible mortgage rates available in the market. With the FHA Streamline product, FHA allows current clients to refinance into a better mortgage if the Fed cuts mortgage rates. The streamline loan all but guarantees consumers that FHA is the most comprehensive refinancing tool available tool.

FHA Borrowers Are Rewarded with Streamline Refinancing

According to the Housing Department of Urban Development, "Streamline refinancing refers to the reduced documentation." About 25 years ago, FHA went to great lengths to create a limited documentation loan for existing FHA customers. The "Streamline" rewarded existing customers with faster refinancing, decreased mortgage rates and ultimately reduced closing costs because the loan process was significantly simplified. FHA does expect borrowers to have a good payment history with their existing mortgage loan.




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FHA streamline refinance rates displayed are subject to change available loan information can provided by the mortgage lenders directly after application is submitted for further underwriting review. The FHA Mortgage Refinance Loan Company is not directly affiliated with any government agency. We provide an online marketplace for consumers searching for FHA refinancing and HUD resources. We are affiliated with HUD approved FHA streamline lenders. If you would like to contact HUD directly please visit their website online.